Dalaam's Trial Grounds

Welcome to my test!!! Only the most Knowlogable fans can pass this test! Good luck you are going to need it to pass this test. If you get all the questions right, you go into my hall of fame! (Link to it at the bottom). Oh, and don't bother getting your players guide. It's useless for this test. None of the answers are in there :) heh heh heh... Good luck

1. What is the machine that hides Giygas's true form called?

2. What colour is the hotel in saturn valley?

3. What does the mouse in apple kids house give you?

4. What is the name of the man who lives on the hill in Onett?

5. How many museums are there?

6. How many different Starmen are there?

7. What spell do you learn from the monkeys in the desert?

8. Who do you get the Suporma from?


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