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Table of Contents

3.Boss Guide
1. Walkthrough

This is a basic walkthrough of the game.


1.Leave Ness’s house and go talk to Pokey at the meteorite.  He will
say to go home so go home and talk to your mom.
2. Pokey will knock on the door and ask you to look for Pickey with
him. Talk to your mom, get the cracked bat and equip it. Talk to the
dog and he’ll come with you. Go to the door, then the phone will ring.
Answer it, he says to call him on your adventure to save your game.
Finally you can leave.
3.Head for the meteorite. You will meet one of the first enemies in
the game. You will notice that the dog is a better fighter than Pokey.
Pokey is just a wimp. He usually hides or begs for forgiveness.
4.At the meteorite talk to Pickey, and he’ll say some garbage. Walk by
the meteorite and Buzz Buzz will join you after he talks.
5.Head for Pokey’s house. On the way Starman Jr. will attack you. This
is a freebie because you can’t die. After he is beaten go to Pokey’s
house and the parents will be home. Pokey and Pickey will get
punished. Then the mom will kill Buzz Buzz. Just before he dies you
get the sound stone.
6.Now is the beginning of Onett. You have to beat Frank. Before you do
you do you should stop by the hide out and get the Baseball cap. Its
defense will make it easier.
Mini Boss Fight- Frank. Just keep your HP up. For more info check out
Boss Guide.
7.After Frank Fly is reformed get the key to the shack from the mayor
and go beat Titanic Ant.
Boss Fight-Titanic Ant. This is the first sanctuary boss. It’s easy at
level nine. After he is beaten collect the melody.
8.Leave. A Cop will meet you. Do what he says, go to the police
station. You will have to fight 4 cops then Captain Strong
Mini-Boss fight-Cops. You fight 4 of 5 then Captain Strong.
9.Leave Onett.


1.Welcome to Twoson they got their name because they weren’t first.
2.Go to the Apple Kid’s house and give him $200.00 (its worth it).
Don’t pay the Orange Kid, he is just a rip off.
3. After you get the receiver phone go to the iron pencil in Peace
Valley (to the west of Twoson by Polestar Preschool). Check the pencil
and go back to Burglin Park and meet Apple Kid. He will give you the
pencil eraser.
4. Go back to the iron pencil and use the pencil eraser on it. You can
go now and head to Happy Happy Village.
5.Go meet Paula in a house through the cave up north. Get the Franklin
Badge and go out you will face some insane cultists and one crow.
6.Go to the church and make your way through the maze. There is a tip
here. All the people moving their legs will talk. You will have to
fight once if you go the correct way first. Then face Carpainter.
BOSS FIGHT-Carpainter. You have to have the badge to fight him or the
lightning will put you in the barn with a couple of guys.
7.Get the key, save Paula and go fight the Mondo Mole.
BOSS FIGHT-Mondo Mole-You need a high level like 20 for Ness. It is a
lot easier.
8.Head home with Paula. Take her to the Polestar Preschool. When you
leave go talk to Everdred in Burglin Park. You could have fought him
earlier if wanted. He will give you 10,000 dollars. Use it free the
Runaway Five. Then you will be able to ride their bus to Threed.


1. After the Runaway Five drops you off, head for the graveyard in the
northwest corner of Threed. At the northern most point, talk to the
zombies then head for the hotel. You will see a girl. Follow her and
you will get knocked out by a bunch of zombies. Wake up in some cave
room and walk to the door. It will be locked.


1. Paula will use PSI to communicate with Jeff through her mind.
Follow her directions and head south.
2. Tony will join you while you’re in the boarding school. Go down
stairs and talk to this guy. He will give you the key to the locker
that doesn’t work. Talk to him again and you’ll get a bad key machine.
Then he’ll tell you about saving. After you get things from the locker
you can leave.
3. Go to the drug store to get the Bubble Monkey. Buy a piece of gum
to get him to come with you.
4. Head south through Winters. You will meet people in tents who let
you rest for free! You will get to a lake. Spend the night in a tent.
When you wake up the wind will blow and the sun will shine.
5. Go to the small peninsula thing and the monkey will ask for a piece
of gum, the game automatically gives him one. Then you will ride
Tessie to the south shore.
6. After a second of walking you will get to Brick Road’s Dungeon. The
bottom route is the correct way to go. At the end Brick Road will let
you take a rest. There is a stun gun in his cave. After you get it
save your game.
7. This is the last part of Winters. Pond cave is a tough cave if you
don’t have the stun gun. Make your way through it and get to Dr.
Andonuts lab. There is a hole in the center of the Stonehenge. Don’t
go into it. You will come back later for it.
8. In the lab fly in the Sky Runner to Threed.

Threed (continued)

2. After Jeff talks to you and joins the group, use the Bad Key
Machine to unlock the door.
3. Head to the south until you get to a RED tent. Go up to it and
touch the tent. You will have to fight a face.
Mini Boss Fight- Boogie Tent. Keep up Jeff’s HP. He needs the
experience points.
4. After you kill Boogie Tent go up north and Apple kid will call you.
He says the pizza man will deliver the zombie paper. Walk around and
you’ll get it. Go and place it in the circus tent. Then spend the
night in the hotel.
5. During the night you would have seen some zombies go to the paper.
The zombies guarding the underground passage will leave. Now you can
go to Saturn Valley, so go there.
6. In the passage you will fight many zombies. At the end you will
fight Slimy Little Pig.
Mini Boss Fight- Slimy Little Pig. This guy is easy though he makes
you cry.
7. Head up to Saturn Valley.
7. In Saturn Valley talk to all the Mr. Saturns. One will tell you the
password to Belch’s Base.
8. Leave Saturn Valley and head north to Grapefruit Falls. Wait three
minutes and Belch will let you in.
9. Fight your way through the base and you will finally meet Master
BOSS FIGHT-Master Belch. Have fly honey and he forgets about the fight
eating the fly honey.
10. Exit the Belch Base through the cave. Take a bath in the Hot
Springs and then drink some coffee.
11. Go up into Milky Well. After a short journey with lots of enemies
you fight Trillionge Sprout.
BOSS FIGHT-Trillionge Sprout. This guy’s an experienced plant! Then
collect that melody!
12. Head to Threed. You will notice the zombies are gone but the
alligators, frogs, and bugs are not! When you get to Threed the sun
will shine and you can go to the Desert and Fourside.

Dusty Dunes Desert

1. Some idiot parked his car in the road. Now he has caused a big
traffic jam so to get around you have to go through the desert. Look
around and you can find presents with valuable things. One has
$1000.00 inside!


1. Go to the Monotoli building and visit Pokey. He will insult you and
kick you out of his room.
2. Go to the Topolla Theater and pay to see the Runaway Five. You have
to pay to see the manager. She tells you the band owes $1million! Then
she says you’d have to find buried gold. If you fed the miner in the
desert he says he’d give you gold so go there, after you see the show
of course.
3. After you make it to the Miner in the southeast end of the desert,
you will notice the hole is bigger if you gave him food. If not, give
him food and spend the night. In the morning the hole will be bigger.
4. Go inside the hole and the man will tell you about the five big
moles. Find them and kill them!
Mini-Boss Fight- Moles. These guys all say they’re third strongest,
and they are. They have the same amount of HP.
5. Head back to Fourside. On the way, the miner’s brother will give
you a diamond. Use it to pay the manager at the theater.
6. Watch the last song and then go to the department store. It will be
open. Get some stuff and as you leave and alien will steel Paula. Go
to the fourth floor and kill the alien.
BOSS FIGHT-Department Store Spook. He says Paula is at the Monotoli
Building after you beat him. Use strong attacks.
7. Go over to Jackie’s Café. Talk to the women under the lamp. After
you talk go outside and talk to a dirty kid. Give him something then
talk to Everdred. He will tell you to check the shelf behind the
8. After you check the shelf you will end up in Moonside. Yes means no
and no means yes there. Look around the south part for the Monotoli
Building. There is a captain guy there. Talk to him then go to the
9. There is a man in front of the hotel or hospital that looks like a
strong Hawaiian. Talk to him and he will warp you to another. Talk to
him and another then you will see no more. There is a regular looking
guy who will do that now. Talk to him and say no. You will end up in a
doorless room.
10. Talk to the all black man and say no. Then talk to the guy with a
Mohawk. He will say get out and you end up in the Hotel room.
11. Go back to that captain man by the Monotoli building you will see
Mr. Monotoli and he will go out of illusion land. Then check the statue.
BOSS FIGHT-Mani Mani Statue. This guy isn’t too tough if you know what
you’re doing.
12. After you exit the warehouse Apple Kid will call you. He said he
sent a yogurt dispenser by Escargo Express Neglected Class. Exit the
café and a monkey will teleport to you. Talk to him and he says to
meet him in the hole at the west end of Dusty Dunes Desert. Then the
deliveryman will tell you he left the yogurt thing in the desert. Then
Pokey’s maid Electra says she heard you talking about trout flavored
yogurt. Go get the yogurt machine and give it to her at the Monotoli
13. The yogurt thing is in the monkey’s hole. Make your way through
the maze. You should come with a skip sandwich and picnic lunch. That
starts you through the maze. After you make it to a room with a
floating guy and 1 monkey, talk to the guy and he’ll tell you about
teleportation and give you the yogurt thing. Talk to the monkey, exit
the cave and meet the monkey on the road. He will teach you
14. Teleport to Fourside and give the yogurt dispenser to Electra. Now
you can go to the 48th floor. Make your way to the Clumsy Robot.
BOSS FIGHT-Clumsy Robot. Just attack this guy. Don’t worry about his
HP switch, the Runaway Five will flip it and he’ll die.
15. Save Paula and talk to Mr. Monotoli. He will let Paula join you
and tell you about the cryptic messages appearing because of the Mani
Mani Statue. He will open the Helicopter Pad door so you can walk to
the helicopter. Pokey will somehow beat you to it and insult you again.
16. Head to the exit and Paula will have some phycic thing. She says
you need to go to Threed. The Runaway Five will drive you there. Then
go to where the Sky Runner crashed and Jeff will fix it now. Then you
fly to the lab.
17. After you land go to Rainy Circle. Beat Shroom.
BOSS FIGHT-Shroom. This guy will put mushrooms on your head. Watch out
your PSI could affect you!
18. Use the Sky Runner to get to Summers.


1. Head to the east until you get to port town Toto.
2. Look in every building until you see an Indian looking guy. He will
give you the phone number for the Stoic Club.
3. After you leave Tony (Jeff’s Bud) will call you he will ask for
YOUR name. Put your name in the space he has provided.
4. Call the club and go there. Talk to the guy at the table by
himself. Then talk to the woman by the entrance. She will say to meet
her by a cart by the beach later. After you exit, go right a little
ways and you‘ll see her. Talk to her and she’ll give you some magic


1. Take Poo to the south of Dalamm. Go to the palace of emptiness.
Climb to the top and sit there. Ignore everyone. When the spirit guy
comes, say yes to everything.
2. After you complete the training, go to your master and Poo’s level
will go up. Then he will teleport to Summers.

 Summers (continued)

5. Go to the museum and you can now go to the hieroglyphics room. Beat
the two guys and you will get the hieroglyph copy. Poo will have the
idea to go to Scaraba since it tells how to get into the pyramid.
6. Before you go to Scaraba, teleport to Fourside. There is a
sanctuary here. Go to the museum and talk to the man by the door. Then
go to the theater. Watch Venus do her dance then get the signed
banana. Now go back to the museum and give the guy it.
7. Go to the shining spot by walking in the nasty looking water until
you see it. You have to fight the Plague Rat of Doom.
BOSS FIGHT-Plague Rat of Doom. This guy does a lot a Smaaaash hits.
8. Get the carrot key and teleport to Dalamm for its sanctuary. Use
the key on the bunny statues and enter.
9. Make your way to the Thunder and Storm.
BOSS FIGHT-This guy has a lot of HP but he is easy.
10.Now you can return to Summers.
11.Get $80 and go over to Toto and talk to the captain by the stairs.
He will take you to Scaraba, but on the way you have to fight Kraken.
Mini Boss Fight- Kraken. He is easy but watch out for his tornado


1. Look around and then head south to the Great Pyramid. On the
hieroglyph copy it tells the dance but here’s how. Start from the top
and make a star.
2. Enter after you open the door, and make your way to the far east.
Finally you’ll reach a dead end and there will be a switch. Step on it
and head to the casket. There will be a hole now so jump down. Get the
Hawk Eye and go on. When you make it to the exit the Star Master will
take Poo away to teach him Starstorm.
3. Get the key from a tanned guy and then go northwest. You will see a
big statue man. Use the key to go in. Make your way to the face by
going through the maze. When you talk to the face he says he’ll
control the body to fight with you.
4. After you leave through the hole, He will follow you. He is strong
in fights. Head south and Dungeon Man will get caught in the trees. Go
east and find a man. He tells you about Deep Darkness.
5. Return to Dungeon Man and go the same way except at the top, go
down the goodbye exit. When you end up on the cliff go up to the junk
place. Check the submarine and Jeff will fix it. Then you will sail to
Deep Darkness.

Deep Darkness

1. Head south at first. When you get to the dark part use the Hawk
Eye. Then it will be light.
2. Find your way to Master Barf the red guy. Then you have to have a
fair fight.
BOSS FIGHT- Master Barf. This time fly honey won’t help. You have to
get sick.
3. Poo returns with his new Starstorm as you saw in the fight. Now go
to the Tenda Village.

Tenda Village

1. Talk to everyone and you’ll notice there all shy except one. The
hotel owner and the leader are the only other talkers. The leader will
tell you about a book that can cure shyness. It is only a roomer though.
2. This place is a dead end for now so leave. The Apple Kid will call
you and tell you he is in Winters working on the Eraser Eraser. Then
someone will come and get him.
3. Teleport to Winters and head for the lab. The mouse will give you
the Eraser Eraser so you can go far down into the Stonehenge. That is
where the Apple Kid is where the Apple Kid is. It is a long walk and
some aliens are down there for you to fight.
4. After you make it to the room where the Apple Kid and other people
are, go and fight Starman Deluxe in the next room.
BOSS FIGHT- Starman DX. This guy has an attack that can kill everyone
in one blow. Put up power shields fast.
5. Talk to the Apple Kid. He’ll tell you the Book of Shyness is in the
Onett Library. Go there and get it and then return with it to Tenda
6. Give the Tenda Leader the book. He will read it to everyone. The
next morning the Tendas will talk. The tribe’s leader will give you a
Tandakraut and a Bag of Dragonite if you talk to him twice.
7. Talk to the strong guy and he’ll open the rock for you so you can
go to the Lost Underworld. Head down there and you will see some big
rocks. Talk to them and get some good info.
8. After a while of searching you will see the shining spot. You will
have to fight Electro Specter.
BOSS FIGHT-Are you noticing something? There are more Boss Fights now.
All the enemies are tough, especially this one.
9. The entrance to the Underworld or Labyrinth is in the Lumine Hole.
You will see Ness’s thoughts appear on the wall. Then head for the hole!

Lost Underworld

1. Finally you’re here. You will notice that you are smaller, well
actually the area is bigger. Look for the treating Hot Springs.
2. Go to the Tenda Village 2. They will let you in and steel the
tendakraut. The smell of it leave’s the group though. In there area
talk to the rock, he has good info. After you’ve done what you want,
head west then south to fire spring.
3. Go into the cave. Hey, you’re big again. Use the spring near by to
reenergize. Find a good path to the top and fight the 2nd hardest guy
in the game, Carbon and Diamond Dog.
BOSS FIGHT-Diamond Dog. After you take the flames off Carbon Dog, take
in the harder guy Diamond Dog.
4. If you beat him, get your reward. It’s two things actually, the
Fire Spring and a vacation for one to Magicant. That one is Ness.
5. Look around, it’s pretty cool. When you’re ready head north to the
center of the Sea if Eden. On the way you fight really funky guys.
Some only have one or two attacks. Those are the harder guys!
6. When you’re in the Sea of Eden, fight Kraken and you could be REALY
lucky and get the Gutsy Bat. If anyone gets it please E-mail me. Now
you’re ready to fight Ness’s Nightmare.
BOSS FIGHT- Try to outlast this statue by using a weapon he doesn’t
have, an inventory!
7. After you beat this fairly hard guy, you will get 200,000 Exp. for
no reason. You will also learn Teleport Beta! Then you will wake up in
Fire Spring, and the sound stone will disappear. You will also
teleport to Saturn Valley.

Saturn Valley

1. Talk to Dr. Andonuts and get in the Saturn machine. It will not
work because you need Zexonyte, an unearthly element. The dr. asks if
you seen a meteorite and you say yes, of course.
2. Teleport to Onett and go to the meteorite. Giygas has put it under
terror and only one door is open, Ness’s.
3. There are new guys here. Just go to the meteorite and get the
zexonyte. Then teleport back to Saturn Valley and give the zexonyte to
Dr. Andonuts. Then rest and go in. You will warp to a place in a cave
in the Lost Underworld.
4. Go to the other side and Poo’s Star Master will give him Starstorm
Omega. Go to the other side and Dr. Andonuts and the Apple kid will
appear. This new prototype will take you to the past, but first you
have to turn into a robot.
5. If you say yes you will appear in the time machine. All you do now
is head to Giygas and beat him.
BOSS FIGHT-Giygas. This is a long battle. First Giygas has a shield so
get rid of Pokey. Then he will turn off the Devil’s Machine and you
can attack.

2. Hints

        Here are some hints that I’ve found about the game. Some aren’t in
the book!

1. In Onett get you’re level to 8 before you fight Frank. Do that by
beating the shark people.
2. In Twoson the hotel is costly so get a Mushroom on your head and
sell it. You get $50!
3. There are a few people in the game that when you talk to it says
“(There’s no Reply)” Those guys don’t move there legs.
4. There are some guys that give away presents after they’re beaten.
Some give stupid things like cookies while others give away special
weapons or things Jeff can fix.
5. This is a hint a lot of people mistake. There is no present that
gives the Broken Antenna away. It is not a Parabolic. The only guy in
the game that has it is the Uncontrollable Sphere on the way to the
Lumine Hole in the Tenda Village.
6. The Super Starman also has a good present, the Sword of Kings. It
is the only weapon in the game that Poo can equip and it raises his
7. Getting special presents is very hard. Jeff’s spy command will help
you get presents that are hard to get. I don’t exactly know why but it
works. Usually only on Poo’s sword of the Broken Antenna.
8. In Fourside, when you get to the Department store and Paula is
captured, go to the top trying to fight as little enemies as possible.
Do this by tricking the people on the 2nd floor by walking to the
right, then up, then to the escalator. There is hardly ever anyone on
the third floor. The fourth floor you fight at the stairs and then go
to the far bottom of the screen and go behind the toys. Then rush to
the door.
9. In Deep Darkness there is a monkey that wants to learn
teleportation. If you teach him you get the monkey’s love.
10. In the Lost Underworld there are two more special presents. They
are the Magic Fry Pan and the Star Pendant. The Star Pendant is one of
the best defense items. Chomposour or the purple dinosaur has the
Magic Fry Pan. The purple fire guy is the one that has the Star Pendant.

3. Boss Guide

1.Frank Fly- This is the first boss. If you get attacked you should
refill HP right away. If you wait until level 8, you can use PSI alpha
on him.
2. Frankymark 2- This guy is easy. He has to blow steam every other
attack. You can refill HP then. After a minute he dies.
3. Titanic Ant- This is the first sanctuary boss. He uses defense down
and physical attacks mostly. Use PSI special on him. It will also kill
the little bugs. Use PSI to keep your HP up. You should fight him at
level 9.
4. Cops- These guys have all the same amount of HP. You fight four of
them, the last one wimps out.
5. Captain Strong- After you fight the four cops, you have to fight
this guy. Use PSI special as your main attack. Watch out for his
submission holds.
6. Everdred- This guy is easy. Like Captain Strong use PSI special as
your main attack. He will be defeated easily. You will be rewarded
with huge experience points.
7. Carpainter- He uses lightning. If you have the Franklin Badge the
lightning will reflect back at him. He can only take two hits of this
and he goes back to normal.
8. Mondo Mole- This guy is so easy. Use paralysis and he won’t be able
to move. Then you can bash him. He does have Lifeup though so he can
use that.
9. Boogie Tent- Use fire as your main attack. If you have a Big Bottle
Rocket, that will do.
10. Slimy Little Pig- His main attack is to make you cry. He will
attack you rarely. He is pretty strong too. You can also use fire on
11. Master Belch- If you have fly honey that you have to get, Use it
and he will grab it and chow down. Then he will not attack you.
12. Trillionge Sprout- Go wild with PSI. He is weak to fire and
special. Also some strong attacks like Big Bottle Rockets.
13. Big Mole- There are five of these. PSI freeze and Special Beta.
That should kill them. Don’t physically attack them or his shield will
deflect it back to you.
14. Department Store Spook- This guy is tough. Use Big Bottle Rockets
and PSI special to send this guy to another dimension. Watch out for
freeze and fire. It does major damage.
15. Mani Mani Statue- This guy has strong defenses. Use PSI and super
bombs to weaken him. He really doesn’t have strong defenses.
16. Plague Rat of Doom- This is one strong rat! He has a lot of
smaaash hits. He is very weak to fire. You might want to build a
shield of light to weaken attacks.
17. Thunder and Storm- Weather boy is very weak to freeze. It will
only take seconds to kill him with it. Also Flash gamma may kill him
in one shot!
18. Kraken- Kraken is also weak to freeze. Watch for those nasty
tornado attacks. They are a killer. If you’re strong, bashing works
well. This is the exact same for the Kraken in the Sea of Eden.
19. Guardian General- He has defenses way up there. I’m talking like
on the moon. PSI Freeze should do the trick. Ness is the best attacker
so use him to attack.
20. Master Barf- This time Belchy boy won’t take the fly honey. You’ll
have to take the dizziness of nausea! After a while Poo will come back
and use his new starstorm on him.
21. Starman DX- Build up a shield really fast. Starstorm will kill
everyone in one blow except Ness. Use a Multi Bottle Rocket and it
should kill him in one shot.
22. Electro Spector- This guy isn’t too hard. Build a power shield and
the fight should be easy. Just watch out for thunder, it penetrates
shields. You can also use the counter PSI unit.
23. Carbon Dog/Diamond Dog- This is the first layer fight. The only
other layer fight is Giygas. First you start out with Carbon Dog,
You should use freeze as your main attack. Also put up Poo’s Shield
Omega. The fireballs take a lot of damage out of the party. After a
while Carbon Dog will give off a rainbow of light and turn into a
diamond. Now you have to fight an even harder Diamond Dog. He is still
the same enemy. Next time listen better in science class. This is one
tough dog. He has no basic weakness. If you want to do physical
attacks then use Jeff’s Shield Killer. You can also fire two or three
multi bottle rockets. That will finish him. Just use everything you’ve
got. He’s not impossible.
24. Ness’s Nightmare- There is a big trick to this guy. Have anything
to restore PP. Some guy sells magic pudding it at the shop in
Magicant. Then when you fight him let him use up his PP on you by
defending. Use Lifeup when needed. The magic pudding will restore your
PP if you need more for Lifeup. After a while he will run out of PP
and then you can attack
25. Giygas- Don’t pass out, this guy isn’t too hard. Use Paula to
build a power shield. Use Sigma not Omega otherwise Giygas’s PSI will
reflect to him and his shield will reflect it back to hit you! That is
not fair though. Keep attacking Pokey. One cool thing is to us
Brainshock Omega and both Giygas and Pokey will feel strange. Pokey
will make Giygas’s guts and other things go down with his stinky
thing. Giygas will attack Pokey and himself but his shield will
reflect it on one of the party members. Well keep attacking Pokey and
strengthening the shield. Use magnet if you need PP. The second part
of the fight is easy. Just attack Giygas with all you’ve got. Lifeup
Omega is good to have. On the last part use Paula to pray 11 times and
the others to defend, heal, or lifeup. Then you will have him beaten.
Good Luck.

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