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Welcome to GolbezX's
April 23 199X:
-Fairly major update, Completely
revamped Twoson, It is now a center
for everything I can find about EB64
April 29 199X:
-A couple of updates today, first added
a link to finally! (I've
been meaning to for a while)
-Second, I've changed my chatroom to the
anti-pokey chat room, so there might be
someone in there for once :)
Sections of my page!
 Onett: Otherwise knowen as the Main Page
Twoson: Everything I can find about Earthbound 64
 Threed: Come here to see the awards my page has
won, or win my award!
 Fourside: My message board
 Winters: This is where you will find links to other great
Earthbound pages
 Summers: You can chat with other Earthbound fans
in this section. If your lucky, You might meet me :)
 Dalaam: Think your a true fan? Prove your
knowledge with my test
Scarabia: Sign My guestbook!
Magicant: Here is a walkthrough of both Earthbound,
and Earthbound Zero, and when it's
released, Earthbound 64
Saturn Valley: Here you can download, or just listen to
sounds from earthbound
{Onett, Twoson, Threed,Fourside, Winters, Summers, Dalaam, Scarabia, Magicant}