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Charactor Info

Name: Cecil
Type: Dark Knight
Notes: The only character who will stay with you through the entire game, he is also the center of the story. He will change dramatically as the adventure progresses. Probably your best physical attacker, and also has the highest defense rating.

Name: Cecil
Type: Paladin
Notes: The only character who will stay with you through the entire game, he is also the center of the story. He make his transformation from Dark Knight to Paladin form and then he can learn some magic and he becomes even more powerful.

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Name: Kain
Type: Dragoon
Notes: A good friend of Cecil, but highly unpredictable. He is also a powerful warrior with an
effective special attack, "Jump"

Name: Rydia
Type: Caller
Notes: A young girl that Cecil and Kain will find in the Valley of Mist. She will start out knowing
three types of magic, but will dispose of White magic ability and grow as a Black Wizard and Caller.

Name: Edward
Type: Bard
Notes: The prince of Damcyan, however he disguised himself as a Bard. As a fighter, he is weak, virtually useless and is a major wuss. Has a fairly big impact on the storyline, though.

Name: Rosa
Type: White Mage
Name: Cecil's childhood sweetheart, she is your most powerful White Magic user. Rosa will help your party when you need it the most.

Name: Yang
Type: Karate Master
Notes: A master of Karate, Yang is one of your strongest fighters. He is polite, and an invaluable ally.

Name: Palom
Type: Black Mage
Notes: One half of the lovable twins, Palom is arrogant and childish. Nonetheless, he is a good Black Magic user and even more effective when joined with his sister.

Name: Porom
Type: White Mage
Notes: Porom is Palom's sister. Unlike her brother, she has a more mature view on life. Porom uses White Magic and can unleash powerful Twin Magic with her brother.

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Name: Cid
Type: Master Engineer
Notes: He is a guy who never seems to quit, he fixes Airship here and the, he also fights. He has a unique skill called PEEP and it enables him to find enemies weaknesses

Name: Tellah
Type: Sage
Notes: An old wizard, hellbent on revenge. He believes that a Bard tricked his daughter Anna into running away with him. Tellah is a powerful Sage that uses both Black and White Magic spells.

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Name: Edge
Type: Ninja
Notes: A ninja from the castle of Elban, Edge's parents were turned into monsters and seeks to destroy the being who changed them into their present form. Works well with two weapons, one in each hand.

Name: Fusoya
Type: Lunarian
Notes: The last new character that will join your team, FuSoYa is a Lunarian that is highly skilled in magic. He is also in conflict with the one who is destroying Cecil's planet.