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I've changed this page from just pic's into a complete guide to Earthbound 64 It will include Pictures,  News on the Release, and anything else I find and is interesting. Currently I only have pics, but I do have alot of them. Check back in a couple of day's and I should have more stuff up.
Title Problems:
"Earthbound 64 is only a development title and will definitely
  change before the game comes out." EB64 has already gone
 through a bunch of names. It was previously sub-titled 'The
Forest of Chimera', but that was dropped because of copy write
law in Japan. It still could be used for the US/PAL releases.
Less Battles:
According to Shane Sacobie of Videogame Heaven, the frequency
 of battles in EB64 will be kept lower than most RPG's, to give the
player more time to walk around and keep you from worrying
about getting into a fight every step you take. This will be a good
change of pace from the N64's first somewhat failed RPG
attempt, Quest 64, which had way too many battles.
That's all for now, I'll try to get more soon.